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Brechin City 2018 /19

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Hope Mr Dodds isn't daft enough to sign these 2 has beens
I heard Templeman is a done deal and will be announced on Tuesday. Riordan is being given an extra week to get his fitness up before a decision is made.
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On 23/06/2018 at 23:17, CITY1974 said:
On 23/06/2018 at 22:06, theoriginalhedge said:
That will be the full time team he has been waiting for !!  :whistle

That's 2 footballers we ve lost though . Hope he's not filling team with 30 + hoofers

Give him a chance, Jackson ,shields and Hill are the only 30+,  We don’t know about shields but a fit Jackson and Hill play for every team in this league it’s early days the lad burns comes with a good rep and if mcgeever gets fit with tapping pabs and Sinclair we have a good back bone of a team do doubt we are short of players but we are still in the market 

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On another note finn isnt a big loss, he’s scored 4 goals in 2 years from attacking midfield and is very small for a cm there are better players out their, I think getting a player of the year has went to his head, the whole team was massively out of its depth last year so I don’t know how any of they can think they deserve a move

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11 minutes ago, CITY1974 said:
42 minutes ago, The Moonster said:
Maybe not use a phrase which has been seen as derogatory for the entire 21st Century.

Get a grip no it has nt and I'm not racist before you start that crap .

BreKKKin City FC

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