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Brechin City 2018 /19

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1 hour ago, Best Team in Angus said:


"Subject to international clearance coming through, there will be a new signing in the squad for the game, but is likely to start on the substitutes bench. "

Does he need international clearance before he signs ?


I'll hazard a guess that he s gonna be either a defender or a player 34 plus!!! 

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Harvey Dailly.

Nothing against him but do we need another defender when we are crying out for attackers?

Can he play more of an attacking role? Can Burns?

It is an odd signing...……….again! Maybe Dundee Utd old boys act here.

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30 minutes ago, Best Team in Angus said:

We scored 2 and they only got 1 what does that mean  :unsure2:

They must be affa embarrassed !!! 

Na well done lads 2 games unbeaten let's build on it . It ll shut gob shites like me up 

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We only gone and feckin won . Top the group  ( till the weekend anyway ) Well done guys .  We sign another defender ....Darren loves a defender.......Very excited for this new goalscorer with great record who requires international clearence. Darren has only gone and spunked the Celtic money on hi jacking Ronaldos move to Juventus .....

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Really enjoyed the game today, we played some neat stuff and dug in when Stirling has there spell, the goal we lose is very soft but the team look more balanced, 

shields was quality, Boris scored but didn’t do much else actually he was poor,  I thought tapping was really good(in spells) hendry was a bit meh mareno was ok neat and tidy, burns was good, Lynas was ok but gives you nothing going forward , back 3 all good and composed, Euan Smith had a great second half in midfield, the subs made the difference so fair play to Dods, Sinclair and Orsi gave us a lift at the right time,

we were actually good to watch so I look forward to the next game

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7 hours ago, Ross Forbes said:

Well done guys, how many days has it been since your last three points? (see my wording there, deliberately discounting other cup matches)

April 2017 . I got it right this time .

We ve an open topped bus tour  planned for lunchtime today .It's not going along River St incase it incites trouble with jealous Vics fans , followed by a luncheon at The Mechanics Instit ute,  mugs , the shirts and DVD s to follow. 


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