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      Pie and Bovril Nostalgia Mobile Phone Cases!   12/09/18

      We are delighted to have partnered up with Nostalgia Cases to offer a huge range of fantastic Scottish Football phone cases to our visitors. These high quality cases are available in a range of retro and up to date designs and there variations available for all Premiership, Championship and League 1 clubs as well as four of the League 2 teams. Within each club there are a range of choices. You'll find it difficult to choose! This is an Edinburgh based start-up, and they also provide a custom design service so if there is a kit you don't see that you'd love for your phone you can get in touch with them and they'll add it to their range. Naturally there is a HUGE support for all the major phone manufacturers and models and what's more delivery in the UK is completely FREE. What's even better is that Pie and Bovril users can get 10% off their order using the coupon code PIEANDBOV Take a look and browse the full range for your favourite club by clicking through to the website below. https://bit.ly/2M5laZs
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Denzel Darku Deportation

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Scratch the surface of the "progressive" Ruthites and they are every bit the same as their imperial masters down South........scumbags.

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Each to his own and one man's meat is another man's poison.

But for the life of me I will never understand why any right and moral thinking man and woman would support the tories, a party born and bred in the little englander home counties who still see themselves as a world power and yearn for the Empire days when many Scots laid down their lives in  battles to preserve Westminster profits. The little englanders who despised being subject to laws and rules made in another country to the extent they created Brexit, and yet we as Scots were subjected to 300 years of  being subjected to laws and rules thrust upon us from another country.

A tory party who will spend £31 billion, (plus another £10 billion set aside for under estimates), on a new nuclear missile system and submarines to match while our NHS is almost at the point of collapse, it is no secret that the tories are keen to replace the NHS with private medical companies, Ruth Davidson has alteady advocated to abolish free prescription for instance.

And by the way what the tories are not making wholly public is that the british military will not be allowed to service the guidance systems of the new missiles as part of the deal is that the guidance systems will be serviced on the east coast of the USA by American personnel, the British will only service the warheads in Berkshire, some feckin deal eh?

On Immigration - The Scotland I was born into  many years ago and grew up in is very different these days, with a dwindling population we urgently require new people. Here in the Highlands  there are whole areas which were devastated when families were forcibly de-populated to make way for sheep by the rich tories of their day, ruins of villages and crofts are all over the hillsides and the people lost forever to our countryand shipped over to the Carolinas and Canada, it would be a plus to see some of these areas re-vitalised by immigrants.

Fast Forward over two hundred years and the same devastation continues in hundreds of central belt areas, including Airdrie, where tory austerity policies are being forced on ordinary folks and thousands of  families  depend on FOOD BANKS to provide some nourishment for their children, and don't forget that bedroom tax farce and many other policies which affect you and I and NEVER EVER THE RICH TORIES.

I do not knock wealth only where it is unfairly distributed as it is under the Tories and where has Scotland benefitted from any Tory Government.


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"Send him home!"

I agree. Let him go home. To Paisley. Which is his home. 

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