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Dundee United 2018/2019

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6 hours ago, Szamo's_Ammo said:

Hearing Morris and Rooney will be announced in the next 90 minutes.

I would be surprised if either of these happened now.   I thought maybe Morris could happen but do not think it will now.  I was always sceptical of the Rooney talk and do not see it happening.

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It's that time of year when I have a positive outlook for the season ahead and that is the same this year.  I see no reason for a negative attitude and am confident of a positive season ahead.  One thing I would like a big improvement on which affects all teams is the standard of refereeing which has been very poor.

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9 hours ago, UnitedLoon63 said:

Wouldn’t mind Morris for back up centre half, but not as first choice

Not sure I'd want a player whose sense of direction is so warped they think Dundee and Dingwall are South of Dunfermline anywhere near our back line ever tbh

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He is a striker I think.  I am sure he scored against Motherwell to become their youngest goal scorer.  I cannot remember if it was a league or cup game.

Awright, don’t really think we need another striker like him. Rather it was a target man type
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