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The Ultimate Super Ayr Thread

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2 minutes ago, North British 2 said:

Poor tonight . Defence looked lost from the kick off . Hopefully Glendinning is hunting a pair of fullbacks and a centre half down south at the moment .

Fancy looking for a new manager? The way we play is horrible, even against cove and Accies - it’s just long ball after long ball. I don’t even understand what we’re trying to do!?

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1 minute ago, Iain said:

It's really impressive to see the work Bullen has being doing with the team on the training field translate to match day.

I also hate the lack of passion, he literally stands/sits with his arms folded for 98% of the game 

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Holding on to a play off spot was pretty much the best we could hope for with this squad in reality, and if we manage to do that, then fair enough. 

I would like to hope some plans are in place for improving some of the key positions for next season though. A much different look to he second tier next season however.

It's all just pretty meh. Which is disappointing at the end of a season that promised a lot after a few months. Meh.

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