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The Ultimate Super Ayr Thread

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59 minutes ago, Hursty said:

I was at Queen Street train station with tickets already bought so we ended up going anyway for a day out, got a taxi out to a wee pub near the ground that we had planned on going to anyway and ended up having a kick about on the park with a couple of weans 🤣

Something similar for us. After the pub across the road we wandered into the ground, were shown around the facilities and ended up going to a social club nearby with some of the Lochee committee.

One of the best away days ever and didn't see a ball kicked.

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An atrocious game for a shitey tie in the next round. Least it was nice night for it under the floodlights.

Hoped it wouldn't be the case  but Bangala looked pretty dire at times. To maybe be fair to him at times Pollok players were running at and beating 3 of our guys. 1st half especially was an awful watch, flashbacks of Talbot awful.

Luckily we had much more control in the 2nd half, Dempsey took his goal well but did think Pollok keeper let it in surprisingly easy. Bar a last minute cross near the goal mouth Pollok did not create much of anything in 2nd half.

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Another boring as f**k draw, to give us yet another 5th fixture against a Championship team, in consecutive cups.

Not to mention as well, that the fans who go, and drive, will be spending the guts of £70 quid between ticket and petrol for a 360 mile round trip, two weeks in a row. In the height of winter in January. 

Absolutely brutal.

Is it so much to ask to get a wee away day to a Premiership team that's not Rangers?

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3 minutes ago, 1nickydevlin said:

Bangala was fine .didn't do much wrong . 

I thought similar - he didn't look great but wasn't awful.  Dempsey was rotten first half too.   Biggest disappointment for me was Brad Young, I'm beginning to think our best striker combination is Dipo and McKenzie.   



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