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The Ultimate Super Ayr Thread

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3 hours ago, diegomarahenry said:

Good chance the game will be postponed on Saturday, I’m sure football will be suspended for at least a week when the Queen dies and it’s not looking good for her just now. 

Press saying all  sports will be cancelled for 7 days from her death 

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28 minutes ago, Ayr23 said:

Maybe it will go ahead…?


 On SPFL Website 

We fully appreciate that clubs will, understandably, want clarity regarding this weekend’s fixtures as soon as possible and we will provide an update tomorrow.

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They mentioned a timetable of mourning a while ago for the BBC and its mental. 

No Joyous music for days, No comedy or light entertainment  to be screened for days. Stuff like that. I am sure they postponed games when Diana died. 

I doubt very much that the games will go ahead, possibly even next weekend either. I hope I am wrong. 

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This is in tomorrow’s press ( noticed on a few newspaper websites ) 


It is widely known that there are plans in
place for a period of national mourning in
the event of the Queen's passing, which
would have an effect on a number of
aspects of daily life, including sporting
Will Scottish football fixtures be
cancelled when the Queen dies?
The passing of the Queen would start a
period of mourning across the United
Kingdom, as detailed in a document called
"Operation London Bridge".
As part of that plan, which is set out for the
nine days following the monarch's death,
sports fixtures would indeed be postponed,
including all SPFL matches.

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