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The Ultimate Super Ayr Thread

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He’s not been in the squad recently and they’ve signed a striker yesterday.

Well you’ve got Anderson and Nouble. Plus the forwards they signed this summer with the Portuguese lad that was at St Mirren and Hearts. Think they might have another one they brought in from abroad this summer.

Anderson did really well at Livi so there must be a reason he’s not been in the squad.
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It may well be. But I’ve not categorically been told that. Heard that Livingston is the club though.
Just imagine Dipo and Nobel up front ( I know it's never happening) Anderson really did not get a chance with us first time his the ground running the got pulled out yhe squad to go with the 21s and then was injured would not mind seeing him back ar Somerset.
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I’m 99% sure the issue with Anderson was he was miserable at having to live in a flat himself and not be able to go out due to COVID. Was literally going to training and straight back home. Can’t blame the guy for wanting away and him not being at his best.

Not a fucking chance we’ve signed him though and if it is him I’ll eat my hat.

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I got the impression he thought he was far too good for this level. He got dropped for 1 or 2 games after doing nothing for months then scurried back to Aberdeen citing a “lack of game time”. Wasn’t impressed.

Not that it will be him anyway 

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