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The Ultimate Super Ayr Thread

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2 hours ago, Trogdor said:

That's my understanding. He had a grudge against Uncle Ian as well. I'm sure he had pretty much access all areas under Roberts and McCall reversed that. 

I have no doubt he started out with the best intentions and raised a decent amount of money for the club and other good causes. However, his ego expanded to the point where he lost all perspective imo and became a bit of a grifter and attention seeker.

I welcome Boab back on the terraces but please spare my eardrums from his singing.

Thank you.

Supposedly he waltzed into the dressing room in one of McCall’s first games.

Uncle Ian had no idea who the f**k he was and told him to f**k off.

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Bullen is so predictable. 

One of the flair players has a poor game, after being the best player on the park the previous week - immediately dropped. 

One of the workers plays well for 45 minutes for the first time in absolutely ages - immediately starts. 

I’m fully expecting McKenzie to revert to type but we will see! Saying that - it’s preferable to Bryden starting and possibly having someone who occupies defenders so much in Dipo will help. 

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Yep,unless they were injuries, we were doing ok without going to bench changed the game that sub,doesn't help when keeper flings in two again. 

You couldn’t fault Albinson for any of the two goals.
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Right behind the first one ,went for a spectacular ,ferk it up

If you were right behind it then there’s no excuse for thinking Albinson was getting near that. Hall landed right in the far corner. Hamilton probably won’t score a better goal all season.
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