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The Ultimate Super Ayr Thread

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13 hours ago, diegomarahenry said:

Fyvie has a bad injury, Reynolds is 35 and Simon Murray has had a good 6 months in a 5 year career, My point was that not one of them was better than the lower end of the Championship so none of them will be on over 4 figures a week. 

Just because players aren't worth four figures a week doesn't mean clubs don't pay it, see Falkirk FC. Queen's Park already have players earning that and will sign more: they'll be comfortably in the top four wage budgets in this division next season.

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1 hour ago, WATTOO said:

My worry here is that we're building both Adeloye and McInroy up to be far better than what they actually are.

Both have done well for us but that's all relative. Mcinroy's level so far has been league 1 and bottom end championship plus youth level, then we have Adeloye who has only had limited success at various non league levels outwith ourselves.

Who knows ? Maybe it's more a sign of how far our own standards have fallen in the last 2 years ?

Would I still want them both to sign ? Yes, of course I would, however I also don't believe that either are irreplaceable, especially now we have Mathie, Glendinning and a higher budget in place....

Standards have definitely fallen. Since McCall we've been tumbling backwards to the point where an 8th place finish is celebrated rather than being a relief that we managed to clamber out of the Hopkin/Duffy quagmire.

My worry with what you've said is that Adeloye and McInroy were probably the two best players in the squad. Tomi's goals in the league (11) will be hard to replace. Only 3 players got more than that in the league. That's also with him not being played every week. In the right team Tomi could be pushing high teens for goals.

I know we have Mathie and Glendinning but I would posit that we're maybe building them up to be better than they are. Recruitment isn't an exact science and there are no guarantees. It'll be interesting to see the calibre of who we sign. It looks like we won't need to wait long...

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Just on Baird, it obviously means that we need to bring in three centre backs but if we’re being honest it’s probably what we need. I’ve got no concerns that a list would’ve been drawn up in the event that players don’t re-sign so we won’t be scrambling around trying to find guys. I’d also imagine it’s another decent wage off our bill.

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