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The Ultimate Super Ayr Thread

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5 hours ago, D'Jaffo said:

How do you rate Moffat since we came back to the Championship?

I don't think CF has been the position where his contribution to the team is strongest.

For Ashford, maybe he can contribute more in a wider position (I haven't been at the games where he has been played in that position so I don't have a view on that either way) but my point is that I don't think we should be looking at him as a centre forward for next season based on what I have seen and his goals return. I have seen him getting into very good positions but his finishing for whatever reason hasn't been good enough. I think we have seen enough of Tomi to know that he will easily score more than last season in a Bullen team, so the task is to find another CF who can get into double figures and we will be looking up rather than down.

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1 hour ago, D'Jaffo said:

f**k knows but I can’t see Mathie wanting much to do with it so hopefully it’s been patched.

Wouldn’t be so sure. Mathie announced a partnership last summer between Hibs and Brighton but after he left the Hibs Chief Exec said the strategic partnership didn’t really exist. Plus Brighton loaned 3 players this season to Hearts, Aberdeen and St Johnstone while Hibs got none. So sounds like our partnership with Burnley could be right up his street. 

From what I heard at the Partick game it does still exist and they were blaming COVID for it not developing into anything more, but given it's just a way for Burnley to sign our most promising youngsters on the cheap I wouldn't be gutted if it was scrapped.

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5 minutes ago, Richey Edwards said:

90k? For some reason I thought we had spent more than that at some point.

In case I'm missing something, Gary Teale is still both Ayr's record signing and record sale.

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2 hours ago, diegomarahenry said:

I'm sure it was Sammy Johnston. 100,000 from St Johnstone. 

Gary Teale, £400000 sold to Wigan and £90000 bought from Clydebank.

Joe Chalmers, £1 and a mars bar to Dunfermline and bought for a packet of cheese and onion from Inverness.

One was a fantastic football player, the other is an inadvertent football comedy genius.

Some things money can't buy, for everything else, relegation 👍


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I'm sure we paid £90k for Mark Campbell as well. It was reported that we paid £100k for Sammy Johnston down here, but in Perth it was said to be £50k.

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1 hour ago, Richey Edwards said:

Dalziel spent some amount of money on shite.

Imagine what we could have achieved with all that money AND a competent manager. 

Uncle Ian with all that money.

daffy duck masturbation GIF

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51 minutes ago, Richey Edwards said:

I'd bet even Brian Reid or Mark Kerr would have done a better job than Dalziel with all that money.

Well, if you name the players Dalziel brought in, there's a good few that come across as odd. Probably only bought them so other teams couldn't have them.

Allan McManus, Scott Crabbe, Craig McEwan etc.

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