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The Ultimate Super Ayr Thread

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8 minutes ago, D'Jaffo said:

As bizarre as it sounds I’d rather he played the last 45 minutes than have to take him him off the last 30. Also he barely got near the ball last week so I’m not entirely sure how fit he actually is.

Houston is a necessity as there’s no one else that would be an upgrade at right back. For all the talk of Fjortoft or Muirhead playing there I’m not convinced that wouldn’t be a disaster as well.

Murdoch will be a huge miss today but it’s a big chance for Kenyon and at least Bryden is starting the game and shouldn’t be isolated with Ashford next to him.

I do get your point to an extent, as we are so poor first half generally but part of that is the line up. 

I might be wrong, but think it’ll be Bryden out left and Maxwell in the middle. My prediction is that Ashford will be isolated as McKenzie/Bryden don’t have the quality on the ball to help us up the pitch. We will lose an early goal and struggle away for the rest of the game and hope Tomi can change the game. Obviously hope I am wrong!

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5 minutes ago, UpInTheAyr said:
8 minutes ago, Iain said:
Our players look like they have no idea what to do.

Exactly. And that they just don't care

That’s genuinely what it looks like to me.

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4 minutes ago, Iain said:

Putting a banner up at the end of the season that says "Got the car park back and built the hub 21-22".

That kinda divorced dad energy is perfect for our stupit wee club. 

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