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The Ultimate Super Ayr Thread

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Just now, honestly united said:

4-4-2 surely, with Muirhead in the middle with Murdoch?

Not so much the line-up, I am guessing it'll be Adeloye with Moffat supporting, O'Conner and Maxwell out wide but no Chalmers in the squad at all, Fjortoft out for McGinty. Moffat in for only his second start of the season when he wasn't even on the bench last week. 

It looks like he's given fringe players a run out

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28 minutes ago, diegomarahenry said:

The line up has given me a migraine trying to work it out. last weeks made sense and we were scudded so maybe the folk in the squad today might actually try which would be an improvement. 

There isn't a good combination of the trash that we employ. 

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7 hours ago, Hursty said:

Rovers best attacker suspended it seems and off down to QPR for a trial.

A 20 year old striker impressing in League 2. Surely teams such as ourselves should be looking at this profile of player? Too much to ask probably. The player's clearly doing something right if he's heading to England for a trial mid way through the season. What exactly does our scouting and recruitment generally entail? I'm being perfectly serious here.


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19 minutes ago, THEHonestman1910 said:

I'm currently in the North terrace freezing. Must be about 6/700 people here. 

I've got the heating on in the flat and not even watching a stream.  Lovely afternoon. 

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