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The Ultimate Super Ayr Thread

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19 minutes ago, diegomarahenry said:

It confirms all championship clubs apart from Hearts are part of this system. 

Thats what it implies, but its based on "my dog is a cat" logic.

Clubs below the Championship have paid to have Pixellot cameras installed specifically to stream matches and, as far as I know, to use the Pixellot streaming platform - the app mentioned in the article is part of that platform. Millars money looks like its gone towards this. In fact, if you read the announcement on the Albion Rovers website, it strongly implies that hes paid for their system.

The Championship clubs have all had Pixellot cameras installed but not for streaming matches. There are talks going on about also using the cameras for streaming but the streaming platform being discussed is not PIxellots. Theres no obligation to use either the cameras or the platform, so theres a good chance clubs that already stream, like Raith and Dunfermline, will do their own thing anyway. Given that most, if not all, of the other Championship clubs including Ayr at least film their games, its possible they might decide to do their own thing too. Millar hasnt paid for any of this.

And, frankly, the idea that this is some new initiative and that clubs are suddenly going to have fans all over the world is laughable. Clubs outside the Premiership have been streaming internationally for years.

ETA - and he didnt come up with this revolutionary plan - he's copied what the SPFL have been intending for a couple of years!

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12 minutes ago, Handofdavid said:

I see that Craig Bryson is in talks to terminate his Aberdeen contract to possibly move closer to his family in Ayrshire. 33 years old and struggled with injuries last season, would Kerr be looking at him?

Beat me to it. 

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45 minutes ago, conley said:

Can we afford his salary...more likely to sign for Hibs, Hearts or even Kilmarnock..it's not so long ago he was on 8k a week..he would be a great signing but I think out of our reach.

Depends what he’s looking for. Will no doubt get a decent pay off from Aberdeen. Could we be looking at a player coach role possibly? Closer to home for him. Hibs and Killie full of midfielders now. 

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1 hour ago, rb123! said:
1 hour ago, ayrunitedfw said:
It’s not Bryson. 

Awww, you know who it is?

I would bet no one at Ayr Utd outwith Mark , Mike and the board know the name of the player we are signing  , Kerso only informs media when it’s time for imminent to be announced , certainly big changes to previous management team 

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