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New kits; 2022/23 edition (Girona)

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Newport County continue with FBT, who also supply Livingston in Scotland, and Crewe and Doncaster in England. Their new home and away shirts are modelled on the tops worn from 1938 through the second world war. Very nice, although the bands across the tummy end rather abruptly. The third kit is a more modern affair, reminiscent of Spain's away kit of yesteryear (click to enlarge, you know the drill);


Lech Poznán is one of the top teams in Poland and have been bestowed a rather simplistic design by Macron, which is elevated by a beautiful graphic of one of the crest's wings. Very tasteful. Note that the away kit seems to be a complete colour swap save for the top of the collar;


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The whole 'digging out your old kicks' theme seems to be running rampant the past few days, if not the entire off-season already. Fulham combines two fan-favourites from the 90's whilst Scunthorpe will don a recreation of the last shirt they won a final at Wembley in (enlarge to click);



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7 hours ago, The Nightfly said:
15 hours ago, Savage Henry said:
Not, perhaps, the point of this thread, but what a state the guy next to Martinez is in.

I think his name might be Tony Black. Played around 30 games for them as a winger/forward.

Thirty games over about twenty seasons, by the looks of things.

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17 hours ago, Herman Hessian said:

the whole suite of absolute gorgeousness from Hellas Verona - yet to establish what intrusive advertising is going to be allowed to ruin the things, mind...


I thought that was Leeds at first. Leeds could do worse than adopting that Home kit.

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On 07/07/2018 at 11:31, DutchBorderer said:

Millwall return to Macron after two seasons with Erreà, and claim to model their new home shirt on the old Captain Morgan shirt. Unfortunately, they look nothing alike;


Strange. When I first looked I really wished that the left was the new strip. Most clubs seem to be flirting with vintage, but thought Millwall have proper went for vintage there.

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