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New kits; 2021/2022 edition (Blackburn, Sheffield Wednesday, Wrexham)

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2 hours ago, Zen Archer said:

They look like they've been run over.


On 21/04/2019 at 01:33, ajwffc said:
On 20/04/2019 at 23:36, DA Baracus said:
Hideous. Don't like them at all. It's the abysmal stripe down the middle with the awful pattern that makes them so atrocious.

Agree they are horrible. Had to take a 2nd look at the sponsor(to make sure it was not a tyre company) as it looks like someone has driven down the middle of the shirts

already been mentioned 

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59 minutes ago, Dele said:

Feel manky saying it but seeing Scott Brown modelling the new Celtic kit on Twitter just there, it's actually quite nice. 

It's fuckin rank.. even their own fans are slating it.:lol:

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3 hours ago, DutchBorderer said:

Looking forward to hearing the reactions to this one - the pattern is supposed to represent the architecture of Stamford Bridge;



And Chesterfield;


Chelsea top-reflecting the architecture of Stamford bridge?if its just been nuked,ok

chesterfield home?its either blue with white sleeves or blue sleeves, whats produced heres an awful mess

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Chelsea top would have been better with a round neck. Still, quite like it. 

Edit : somebody within Chelsea needs to show that Ampadu boy how to shave. 

Edited by Dele
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I used to like it when clubs were their new strip on the last day of the season - do many still do that? I had a weird dream where I was watching Man Utd (in a new shirt which had black diagonal sashes which started narrow at the shoulder and got wider at the waist - it was awful, I think) v Cardiff and de Gea threw another one in but Warnock wasn't happy about something or other. Yes, I know I'm a bit weird.
I don't mind it happening unless the team is lifting a trophy. The trophy must be lifted wearing the kit you've worn all season.
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this is quite cool; you're no doubt (vaguely) aware of the whole italian "gemellagio" or twinning thing between various pairs of clubs; one of the most enduring is that between sampdoria and parma, who play each other tomorrow - the teams will be wearing special one-off "hybrid" shirts, combining the two sets of colours and styles...


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