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St Johnstone v Motherwell 7/4/18

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30 minutes ago, tree house tam said:

BMW. Think I'm just going to do the caliper and make the football. Wheel speed sensor I can drive with and do at a later date.

Smart man. 

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Quite an attacking line up on paper with all three midfielders whose natural game is to try and get forward. Bit of pressure on Wotherspoon to see if he can play Millar's role consistently. No doubt his first misplaced pass will be hounded by certain sections of our support.

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Now I’m not one for caring, but wondering how long before Cipre is booked for persistent fouling? [emoji23][emoji23]

He went on to deliberately block a Mannus kick out which I always thought was a yellow card on its own but would in normal course tot you up for persistent fouling!

Dreadful game so far.
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1 hour ago, Gianfranco said:

There is no creativity in that team

Could have just stopped there to be honest.

We've had 1 shot, 0 on target and 0 corners according to the BBC.

Imagine Robinson would quite happily take the 0-0 and move on.

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Can only assume Motherwells constant mewling about refs is now paying off. McHugh absolutely cunting Williams and not even a hint of a yellow, staggering 

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Foster booked for his first tackle :lol:

Kipre and Bigiramama have eight free kick against them for a variety of fouls and not had one

Grimshaw miscontrols, lunges in, free kick no yellow. 

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