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Brewdog - Beer For Girls

Guest bernardblack

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3 minutes ago, bernardblack said:




The lads seem to be getting a hard time about this one.


People being overly sensitive?


The comment on there along the lines of "If you have to explain the joke, it's probably not a very good one" sum it up. They have clearly tried to be witty with this campaign but instead have left themselves open to being labelled everything they claim to be trying to highlight. Whatever the colour, their Punk IPA is shite anyway.

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Not my kind of beer but wish I had a few of the original shares (don't have any) but whatever they are doing its certainly working. They moved into Ellon less than 10 years ago & have not stopped expanding there & also gone worldwide. Must be the fastest growing company in the country so cannot be all bad. Maybe football clubs could learn something about marketing from them to sell our game better.

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5 minutes ago, NotThePars said:

Nearly as good as their "let's trigger Vlad Putin by making him look gay" campaign. Great banter all round.

Don't remember that, but I remember their roadkill promotion.


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Brewdog is tremendous. Love (most of) their beer. I don’t really care what the owners get up to when I’m having a pint/can/bottle (I’ve never seen any of the promotional videos or whatever).


Folk it’s hipster beer, but to me it seems to be hipsterish to say that it’s for hipsters and act like ‘real men’ scorn it and only drink Tennents.

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