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Berwick vs Clyde

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Three wins on the trot and five new signings. A free pint if anyone can correctly guess the starting line up. 


Lang Home Cogill Stewart

Lamont Boyle Nicoll Martin

Kipre Goodwillie

Ally Love’s hearing is on Thursday so I’m assuming he won’t be available for a few months. I’ve no idea who we’ll play on the left. 

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Lang Home Cogill Stewart

Nicoll Grant

Cuddihy Boyle Lamont


Nearly the same as the end of the last game, not necessarily what I'd play myself but not a bad team at all. Cuddihy, Lamont, Goodwillie, Home, Lang, Stewart and Currie all deserve to play given the last three games. I'd say McNiff and Millar are most likely to be dropped, Love as well presumably. Kipre, Martin to mix it up from the bench.

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Lang,  Home ,  Cogill,    McNiff or Stewart

Cuddihy,  Grant,  Lamont

Boyle,  Goodwillie   Martin or Kipre


Toss of a coin between McNiff & Stewart,   I much prefer Lowden , but it's obvious DL doesn't

Grant taking over Nicoll's place as holding mid. 

Thought the boy Martin did enough for a starting place in Love's place, don't know anything about Kipre, maybe better coming on off the bench, to see what he's got.

Plenty of speed middle to front, something we've been lacking


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