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What's the most "Tin Pot" thing you've seen in the SPFL

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28 minutes ago, CoF said:

If it’s tin pot then it’s an absolutely massive gold plated one. 

Aye, I’m torn. The best player to ever play the game, just seems a bit iffy considering Devlin never played a single minute of the match plus the Hearts caption 😂

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28 minutes ago, bennett said:

Messi will have Devlins shirt on ebay within the week.

I have visions of Messis house getting cleaned with various jobbers shirts that he has swapped his with. I do also think it’s a bit strange to be swapping shirts after a match you haven’t played in.

11 minutes ago, topcat(The most tip top) said:

And pele will be bidding on it

I think he’s already had a bad enough time of it at the moment tbh.

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1 hour ago, Leith Green said:

Messi had already been cornered by Cumdog and just decided to get rid of his shirt to the next competition winner he saw...

Apparently he called him a Hibs c**t and told him to f**k off.

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15 hours ago, G51 Red said:

Jack Johnson What GIF by ABC Network

Hearts players were pulled out of a friendly after an Almeria player took offense to being kicked off the ball. Bit of handbags and Neilson shat the bed



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