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What's the most "Tin Pot" thing you've seen in the SPFL

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2 minutes ago, Busta Nut said:

I hadn't kept track of that to be fair. 

He contracted covid as well so not sure how much that effected him. Probably just shows how much is above anyone else that he can be ill, not give his all and be in lacklustre team but still end up top goalscorer. Im going to miss the b*stard. 

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10 minutes ago, TonyFerrino said:


A Hibs fan getting defensive about a claim that a Livi tweet is tinpot? Maybe there is some kind of weird Joma bond there already.

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11 hours ago, Perkin Flump said:

Colin Doyle

Joint first place with Gary ”let me adjust my captains armband and point at things whilst contributing nothing” Dicker and Kirk ”its everyone else's fault” Broadfoot

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I know its fans but I can't decide wether phoning a radio station pretending to be ambulance staff to slander your rivals or emailing the ambulance service to try verify this person's identity is worse.

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1 hour ago, Theroadlesstravelled said:

I didn’t know you could lose a hand with diabetes.



At least Spartans whoring themselves to the Old Firm Colts got them a Royal visit.

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