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A Photographic History Of Scottish Football

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31 minutes ago, Flybhoy said:

Absolute 'stoater' of a programme cover from Aberdeen, im sure they done a retro/tribute version of it recently. 


If you notice , the wee quine is laughing cos her dress is caught on a nail sticking oot the Pittodrie wa.

Fit a fash.

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3 hours ago, resk said:
5 hours ago, Flybhoy said:
Davie Provan, England 0 Scotland 1, 1982, Wembley. 

That kit is fkin lovely.

The only difference between it and the one they'd had for about five years before it, is that the v neck bit isn't a filled in white triangle, as sported earlier in the page by Willie Johnstone.

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This glorious failure led to the building of the Fair Play enclosure which was a great place to stand in derbies, being directly adjacent to the Shed. I’ll never forget when Ristic equalised that time (wins were thin on the ground back then).
I was in there for that game. Scenes when Ristic scored. Didn't he miss a pen a few mins earlier?
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1 hour ago, wellinwigan said:

Dunno who the hibs player is. But the young guy in the grey hoodie gripping the fence is me. The auld man was a hibs fan and took me to Easter road when I couldn't go to well games

The bar is set! Any other posters able to match this? 


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