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Best sim-free Phone <£200

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13 hours ago, Gypsy Joe Swanton said:

Band 20 isn't actually an issue, as it is highly unlikely you'd get access to it anyways.


Only a handful of phones can get on if sim free....


UK carriers are being shite in this regard, but it was part of the spectrum deal.

Erm no.

If you have O2 (or any MVNO that uses their network Giff Gaff, Tesco, Sky) you won't get a 4G signal if you don't have Band 20 (800MHz)


800MHz is the best frequency for wide area coverage and indoor coverage since lower frequencies travel further, bend better and penetrate walls better. My phone is showing VoLTE on Three which means it is actively using Band 20. https://www.4g.co.uk/what-is-volte/

EE does seem to be doing some shady things with their 800MHz band but that is only one carrier.




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