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Shandon Par

Dunfermline v Dundee Utd. Sat. 13th Jan '18

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9 hours ago, Stellaboz said:

Hold on, Falkirk looked like they pressed Utd high up and scored 6... so we should have sat off them, am I reading that right?

Falkirk scoring six and United conceding six was a total freak. You can't base your tactics off one game instead of the whole season.

Unless you're suggesting nobody else all season has tried to press United.

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http://resources.fifa.com/mm/document/footballdevelopment/refereeing/02/90/11/67/lawsofthegame2017-2018-en_neutral.pdf (p202)

5. Treatment/assessment after a caution/sending-off Previously, an injured player who received medical attention on the field of play must leave before the restart. This can be unfair if an opponent caused the injury as the offending team has a numerical advantage when play restarts. However, this requirement was introduced because players often unsportingly used an injury to delay the restart for tactical reasons.

As a balance between these two unfair situations, The IFAB has decided that only for a physical offence where the opponent is cautioned or sent off, an injured player can be quickly assessed/treated and then remain on the field of play.

In principle, the delay should not be any longer than currently occurs when a medical person(s) comes on the field to assess an injury. The difference is that the point at which the referee used to require the medical person(s) and the player to leave is now the point at which the medical staff leave but the player can remain. To ensure the injured player does not use/extend the delay unfairly, referees are advised to:

• be aware of the match situation and any potential tactical reason to delay the restart

• inform the injured player that if medical treatment is required it must be quick

• signal for the medical person(s) (not the stretchers) and, if possible, remind them to be quick

When the referee decides play should restart either:

• the medical person(s) leaves and the player remains or

• the player leaves for further assessment/treatment (stretcher signal may be necessary)

As a general guide, the restart should not be delayed for more than about 20–25 seconds beyond the point when everyone was ready for play to restart. The referee must make full allowance for the stoppage.

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16 hours ago, Granny Danger said:

I always thought we were condemning Jimmy Hill because of his standoffish and superior demeanour.  “We hate Jimmy Hill, he’s aloof, he’s aloof”.


"His sexual preferences are different to ours"

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Felt we were the better side and deserved the three points. Utd don't look the same team that burst us in September. Probably missing Fyvie in the middle of the park.

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