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Top 50 Most Hated Players To Have Played In Scottish Football

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In the same vein as the 'Top 50 Worst Posters', 'Top 50 Best Films', 'Top 50 Horror Films and 'Top 50 Biggest Fud's on P&B' I thought that we actually do a 'football' related one. Some time ago, someone tried to do a 'Top 50 players' one but it never took off, as people just voted for their clubs current players.  Hate is such a strong word, but some players just grind our gears, if hate is too strong, then severe dislike may be more apt. 

Vote for your top 10 most hated players to have played in Scottish football. Number these 1-10 and send the PM to myself. 1 being your most hated, 10 being the 10th most hated. You can cast your mind as far back as you like and use whatever logic you like. They do not have to have played in the top flight but they do have to have played professionally - That's my only rule. Depending on the uptake towards this, I may reduce it to top 20/15/10 dependent on how many people vote.

Feel free to discuss some contenders to keep the thread up the top so that people can see it, but try to refrain from posting your full list for now!

Scoring is as follows: 1st = 10 points, 2nd = 9 points, 3rd = 8 points and so forth.

In the event of a tie, the poster who has appeared on more different lists. If there is still a tie after this, then the poster with most 1st places will be given priority, then most 2nd places, then most 3rd places and so on.

Deadline is Sunday 10th December.


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I'm going to struggle to narrow it down to ten tbh

My thoughts exactly, 30 odd years of outright hatred and petty grievances running through my head. Ian Kennedy, Henry Templeton and Davie Irons spring to mind straightaway but then there are so so many OF irritants to consider & I know so many worthy candidates will occur to me, even some useless Killie players will be in with a shout.


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Just now, DeeTillEhDeh said:

Can I nominate Dougie Imrie for all ten places?

You'd have Imrie ahead of the likes of Hegarty, Main, Chisholm, Dodds and Miller? Bold shout that.

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Happy to share mine

1 Paul Hartley

2 Alex McDonald both as a player and as a manager of hammerthrowers . I would like to make the whole Airdrie side under his management my number 2 (number 2 how appropriate).

3 Ross Tokeley

4  Neil Lennon

5  Dave Bowman

6  Stevie Archibald

7 Nacho Novo

8 Chris Boyd

9 George O'Boyle

10  John Robertson

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Highlights include Kevin Muscat, John Baird and Steven Anderson.

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In no particular order - 


Nacho Novo - Nasty little c*nt.

Fernando Ricksen - Horrible illness, but that doesn't mean he's not a c*nt and wasn't a complete c*nt of a player.

Scott Brown - Always a chip on his shoulder when playing Aberdeen. C*nt.

Jim Goodwin - Tried his best to referee every game. C*nt.

Barry Ferguson - Ned c*nt.

Neil Lennon - Horrible, horrible c*nt.

Steven Pressley - Diving, hammer-throwing c*nt.

Artur Boruc - Holy c*nt.

Aiden McGeady - Always scored against us. Ditched his country also. Diving, lesbian-faced c*nt.

Lee McCulloch - Elbowing h*n c*nt.


There are plenty more but they are the first ten to come to mind. 



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Nacho Novo. He’s easily my most hated player, ever. Spitting, stamping, diving, cheating - Novo had the lot. These characteristics were evident, even in his early days at Raith Rovers. His behaviour at Rangers confirmed his status as a sewer rat.

Paul Paton. A hatchet man with limited football ability. Classless, snarling ned on and off the pitch.

Peter Grant.  Typical chip-on-shoulder Celtic fan. Zero class, much like the team he played for and supported.

Kirk Broadfoot.  I’m genuinely embarrassed that this man ever represented Scotland. Horrific excuse for a footballer and not much better as a human being as his recent sectarian outburst proved.

Alex Rae. Another ten-a-penny Old Firm ned. He regularly set out to maim opponents. He kicked a Russian player’s head during a Champions League Qualifying match when he was with Rangers and his shitebag behaviour continued during his spell as Player/Manager with Dundee. Absolutely no surprise that someone so volatile has been a disaster as a manager.

Edited by Hammer Jag

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Stilian Petrov

Jean-Louis Valois

Robert Bisconti

Sean Maloney

I submit that these gentlement were cheats of the highest order.

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