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Livi lions v Lambs to the slaughter

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Terrible game of "free kicks".
Coz that was not football. Game ruined from the 3rd minute with Kerrs booking.
We desperately need a striker in January. None of this "target man" bullshit any more.
Mackin was woeful. Toddy was better but jeez that dive. Worthy of a 10 at the Olympics.
Rafa has not been at the races for a while and I was confused that we were playing only 4 in midfield. That extra man might have been the difference.
We played well with the ball on the deck but all those long balls for the ref to then give a foul when the ball was challenged was just horrendous.
Worst referee display I have ever seen.

Falkirk were all over the shop. Never feared we would concede a goal. But we could have played all night and never scored.
Oh well, onto Dundee United at the weekend.

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Probably take a point given we’ve not played in weeks and half the squad’s been fucked with the flu. First half Falkirk were definitely the better side, we looked a far better team when Mackin went off and Boyd seemed to find some space between our midfield and attack. Unfortunately, I think that second half will sum up how the rest of our season will go - utterly toothless. I like Rafa, Todorov and Mackin but there doesn’t seem to be any combination between them that gives me much confidence. Which is a shame, because Boyd looks like he could be a cracking 10 behind them, and Josh Mullin’s got some delivery on him. Provided we remain solid we should be competitive enough, remains to be seen if it’s enough to eek out a top 4 place.

Got a funny feeling Falkirk will pull a St Mirren, looked decent enough defensively but never looked like really doing much. Thought their attack looked a bit duller once the subs came on, ironically.

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1 hour ago, Bairnardo said:
2 hours ago, LiviLion said:
Absolutely no chance this ref is sending a Falkirk player off emoji38.png

Righty ho.

Falkirk red cards: 0. The anti-Livi conspiracy continues. Disgusting!


Can't argue with a point after that, other than about 15 minutes in the second half I thought we were a lot slower and just generally not as good as we usually are. Probably to be expected when we've not played for ages, and you could tell neither team had played for a while. Steven Boyd looks quite decent, quick and good with his feet but if we're wanting him to replace Mullen he'll need to sort his shooting out, think he only had 2 shots today and both were closer to going out of the stadium than in the goal. Didn't get a clear view of the Todorov incident but it looked like he went down about a minute after any kind of contact could have been made. The Falkirk one at the end was stunning, expected a challenge to be made and just fell over when the ref was probably closer to him than the defender was.

Falkirk were better tonight than the other games I've seen them, pretty sure their #juggernaut will really kick off once they get some half decent players in. Still can't believe we actually got money for Hippolyte, might be one of the best bits of business we've done, he still looks shite.

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30 minutes ago, Livilion28 said:

First half was poor to watch both teams giving away fouls constantly. Lee miller is very good at what he does without getting touched. Thought we were better team second half and our midfield started getting a grip of the game byrne in particular. Boyd looks a tidy little player done well second half , todorov offered more than Mackin tonight. Can’t complain with a draw after not playing in 4 weeks. Big game again Saturday 

Oh he definitely gets touched. He's good at suckering defenders into making challenges that he can benefit from though!

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4 minutes ago, ShaggerG said:

Oh he definitely gets touched. He's good at suckering defenders into making challenges that he can benefit from though!

He's not the only Falkirk player who's good at looking as if he got touched and that ref was only too keen to be suckered by them.  :rolleyes:

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6 minutes ago, Poet of the Macabre said:

Imagine telling a Falkirk fan before the start of the season that they'd be pretty happy with a goalless draw at Livi, that left them eight points behind Dumbarton.

I'd imagine reactions would be similar to the ones on the League Predictions thread(s) where they lost the head whenever someone suggested they wouldn't win the league.

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