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Local Council c***s

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Just now, shuggz said:

Lack of flexibility...new housing estates and the like being built post war could have bus transport almost instantly,without any major infrastructure having to be built,Also operational problems with older tram networks using "middle of the carriageway"stopping,causing a lot of congestion as other traffic could not pass a stopped tram.Breakdowns in a tram system will result in a whole line(or system)having to be closed,whereas a bus broken down causes very little congestion in the grand scheme, as other traffic can normally get by,and buses can be rerouted when required,trams cannot.

So why are they being reintroduced?

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23 hours ago, shuggz said:



Probably. I couldn't think of any practical reason for their reintroduction, just wondered if there was one.

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The off road line to the west of Haymarket could have been guided busway for a fraction of the cost...but that doesn't look so good.


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