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Congratualtions Harry & Meghan


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7 minutes ago, Cardinal Richelieu said:

Did we even get a day off for William + Kate's wedding? 

I certainly didn't. 

I got it off school. It was great, I remember spending the whole day playing football in the sun. Became a massive royalist after that.

Now I'm self-employed in my day job so, unless it falls on a day when I'm meant to be in Uni and they decide to close for it, then I'm very much against it.

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7 minutes ago, throbber said:

I know Donna Airs cousin, Donna air is married to a Middleton so I am highly likely to get an invite for this.

You’ve more chance of an invite than this c**t. Get them all to f**k, sponging b*****ds 


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32 minutes ago, Melanius Mullarkey said:

Dont worry, they would likely suffocate and their lungs burnt to a crisp with the high alkalinity (pH>12) way before any hydrates had formed. 

In that case, I go with this for the additional suffering it will bring on. Not that they would suffer. What with them being shapeshifting lizards and our MP's recently deciding that animals feel no fear or whatever it was they decided.

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It's a source, in equal parts, of joy and fury to me that the Baxter Basics, PUL* types look down their noses at celebrity culture while lapping up the royal family stuff as though it were in any way different.

* The fact that so many older people from all backgrounds go along with this veneration is slightly more puzzling; but is balanced by the odd auld socialist I've had the pleasure of meeting. Some of those codgers are still well capable of putting the world to rights over a couple of halves.

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