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North Caledonian League Expansion

Robert James

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Took in the St Duthus v Nairn County game today.  St Duthus took an early 2 goal lead before adding a third with about 10 mins to go in the first half, Nairn pulled one back just before HT.  Second half was a much scrappier affair, with neither side really creating much. St Duthus did add another with about 15 mins to go and went on to finish 4-1 winners.

Was also out with the camera and I think I peaked this season with my first photo....never going to get another capture like that.





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On 16/09/2022 at 14:38, Ranaldo Bairn said:

That's a sensational fixture to get to for anyone.

I hope Orkney don't do this too often for what are supposed to be home games, looking to try to get to Orkney v Clach A-team this season.

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35 minutes ago, edinabear said:

Other than Fort William is anyone close to getting a licence?

Golspie Sutherland already have a licence and have been SFA members for a long time.

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The rest of the teams, bar Thurso I believe, all play on those fenced 4g type pitches or public parks. So even if they got the rest of the license stuff in line, none of them will get one due to this factor.

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11 hours ago, Mackie The Staggie said:

Looking forward to Fort William explaining why this is all someone else's fault.

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21 hours ago, GNU_Linux said:

Trying my hardest to resist a bridge over troubled water joke about the league's current bottom club.

This red card probably didn't help matters yesterday 


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