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7 minutes ago, Romeo said:

Are you on fucking drugs..?

Although I don't mind Tennents to say that it's better than Amstel is a fucking travesty....DELETE YOUR ACCOUNT IMMEDIATELY..!!

The Amstel I'm currently drinking in this fine enough All Inc establishment is fucking guff, I'd chop a limb off for a pint of T. The bottles of Mahou are however saving the day 

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“Try German lagers” “try belgian lagers” “try Czech lagers”...
Try getting to f**k. Pint of grolsch (which is pish btw) will be a quid more than tennents. My fourth pint is effectively free on the captain T then. And a superior drink as well.
As was accurately alluded to. I’ve never recommended a pub or avoided a pub because it does excellent or sub standard European imports. I actively avoid the closest pub to my house as much as possible because the pints are pish and there’s a pub that does an excellent pint of T just a 5 minute (further) walk.

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7 minutes ago, Hammer Jag said:

Tennents is for stupid, wife-beating Old Firm fans.

Its still not as foul as Carling though, which is the drink of choice for Brexit, Football Lads Alliance types.

This typifies the flak directed at Tennents. It's a drink. Tennents doesn't have a vote. It doesn't wear clothes or get tattooed. Pig piss like Moretti gets an audience as it looks like it's some artisan Italian fine produce. 

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Over the last few days, when we were in Slovenia for the Scotland game, drank:

Heineken on the Glasgow- Amsterdam flight, 0.33l free on KLM

Lasko on the Amsterdam-Ljubljana flight (had to buy this. 3.50 euro for a wee can, but 2 and a wee tub of Pringles for 7.00 euro)

Lasko or Union in Ljuljana (multiple times. 0.99 euro for 0.5l in a supermarket, 2.20-ish in a sit-outside fast food joint, and about 3.00 in a bar or restaurant)

Can of Heineken at Schiphol on the way back (5.20 euro for 0.5l)

Another free wee Heineken on the Amsterdam- Glasgow flight.

All of these are standard euro-pish, and cannot be differentiated from each other, although the Lasko and Union seemed slightly sweeter than T and more like Amstel.

Even although many don't like the canned stuff, had a can of T when I eventually got home on Tuesday afternoon. Ahhh!

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I go for Tennants in scummy pubs because the pipes will be cleaner just because of the volume of lager passing through, and you don't know how long it's been since someone ordered a Stella. Prefer the taste and hit of 5% lagers though. Beginning to like the lagery ales you get now, like Black Isle Blonde. 

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I asked for two Tennent's in a pub I'm often in on the Gallowgate and was asked 'Cans or Pints?' Must've been looking particularly jakey that day. 

People who slate Tennent's are usually the type who think Peroni is the best lager because it costs slightly more in the supermarket imo. 

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8 minutes ago, Jimbo Jagsfan said:

If I am dahn sawf and no T available, then I think Kronenbourg 1664 is OK.

Dan Saf if there was no Kronenbourg or similar I'd go for Carling. Grossly underrated imo, has a unique flavour like Tennants, far superior to the pishy water of Fosters and Carlsberg.

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