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The Bullshit Thread

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A thread to highlight absolute nonsense, be it just silly pish that is clearly absolute bollocks that idiots believe in, or some malicious crap that not only tries to rip foolish folk off with hysteric bullshit claims but can actually be harmful to people. Or indeed anything else that is, quite frankly, bullshit.


To kick off I’m going with some of the malicious crap. This comes from Goop, the astonishing ‘health and lifestyle’ website belonging to Gwyneth Paltrow. Frankly the entire site could be listed, but I’ll just list a couple of things from this depository of lies.


First up; wearable stickers that promote healing. Yes, they’re actually hawking stickers that apparently can do magical things for you, for just $36. Bargain. It’s claimed that the stickers are made from the same material as NASA space suit lining. In fact, this is what they say;


“The stickers are made with the same conductive carbon material NASA uses to line space suits so they can monitor an astronaut’s vitals during wear.”

And they apparently

“rebalance the energy frequency in our bodies,”


NASA, after wiping the tears of laughter from their eyes, replied with that it “does not line its spacesuits with conductive carbon material.



Staying with Goop, they also sell jade eggs for women to put up their fanny. I’m not joking.

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A non malicious one now.

Some mentalists think that there is a hidden planet called Nibiru that is going to hit Earth on the 23rd of September. Said mentalists also said this would happen in 2015, 2012 and 2003.




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5 hours ago, Bobby Skidmarks said:


This one.

2017 and we still have idiots telling us to pray for those suffering from <Whatever disaster almighty gawd has inflicted on them>. Because an omnipotent, infallible being will give you cancer but will then cure it if someone asks him to. Or maybe he won't in which case you get to join the vindictive b*****d loving saviour in heaven.

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Jim Bakker's Bonus Buckets, a TV Evangelist (though he got kicked out of his ministry for shagging around) who went to jail for fraud, is back selling shit to the masses

"The jury found that Mr. Bakker defrauded his followers by selling more vacations at his Heritage USA Christian resort and theme park than he could provide. 'Lifetime Partnerships'

During the trial, prosecutors outlined how Mr. Bakker sold ''lifetime partnership'' vacation plans, in which viewers were offered once-a-year vacations at Heritage USA for the rest of their lives for $1,000 donations."

Though with the american justice system being the farce that it is, he got out after just 5 years. Anyway fast forward to today and he is now preaching about how the Rapture is near, be prepared for it, buy his buckets of food to keep you alive during the Apocalypse for the low low minimum price of $100 a bucket, rising to $650 a bucket depending on your tastes.

Honestly though, this guy went to jail for defrauding money out of christian's pockets, yet here he is doing the exact same kinda thing once again and these slack jawed bible belt moron's are like "Its okay darlin, he wont f**k us again!"


I mean even look at this "sampler bundle" Almost 24,000 servings of food is a fucking sampler? I mean i know its America but mon tae f**k

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