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Tennents T-Towel Competition

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Ok troops so I've been given 10 of these Tennents "T-Towels" to give away, and this thread explains how you can win one in an easy to enter competition.


The Competition

As Scotland prepare for the crucial double header against Lithuania and Malta we are asking you to predict the total combined TIME of all the goals Scotland score in the two games.

So for example if we score one in Lithuania in the 25th minute then two against Malta in the 43rd and 79th minute then the winning total would be 25+43+79=147

If you don't think Scotland will score any goals at all then you're prediction would be 0.

Times will be taken from the BBC match reports. Goals scored in injury time (eg 90+3) will count exactly as that (93).

The 10 closest guesses we get across the forum and our twitter account (in replied to the pinned tweet we are about to post) will be contacted and send a Tennents T-Towel. If there are more than 10 with the exact number we'll pick a random ten of those.

To Enter & The Roolz

Just reply in this topic with your guess. We don't need any other information at this time. Any posts with an "Edited" line on them will be instantly disqualified, even if they have been edited before the first game starts.

All entries must be in before the Lithuania game kicks off on Friday night. Any other guesses after that will be ignored.

One entry per forum member.

Good luck!

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6 minutes ago, Rugster said:



My fingers are crossed for you. That would be an excellent result. 

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