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Footy quiz driving me crazy, but there are Scottish teams! Help needed!

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Load of shite. There's a cow in it and it isn't Cowdenbeath. 

Found 17 though. Could be all day guessing!



Teams I found are the easy ones - Arsenal (cannons), Rangers (Power Rangers), Luton (toilet), Bradford (car with Brad Pitt), Motherwell (well), Aston Villa (villa), Swansea (swan in the sea), Wolves (wolf), Liverpool (liver in a pool), Portsmouth (Port with a mouth), Charlton (Bobby?), Frankfurt (hot dog), Port Vale (bottle of port with a veil), Leeds (leads), Hearts (plane leaving hearts), Brentford (David Brent on the car), MK Dons (mafia guy)

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Hamburger - in Charlton's left hand

Reading - book in mafia boy's hand

Ipswich - witches

Watford - question mark on car

Sheffield Wednesday - Gordon Ramsey on shed

Burnley - Bruce Lee on fire

Wigan - eagle with wig

Spurs - shoes below the cow

Huddersfield - cow below castle

Blackpool - same place as Liverpool


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Newcastle already found
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Bit weird but here goes with a few more ...

Queen of the South - crown on weather vane

West Ham - ham (I presume) on weather vane

Sheffield Wednesday - Gordon Ramsay calender

Shrewsbury - self evident

Preston - iron and flattened tonne weight

Carlisle - Karl Pilkington on island

Leeds - dog leads

Spurs - cowboy boots

Newcastle - castle with ribbon

Oxford - cow, bull, ox whatever beside car

Ipswich - witch with IPS on her hat

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Just now, CountyFan said:

Veiled port bottle? 

Veiled port? 




Oh FFS! :wacko:

Edit - I was about to type "the bottle of port that's getting married" and decided to shorten it. And still didn't twig.

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