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21 minutes ago, ICTChris said:

Someone has painted 'NO SURRENDER, LENNON'S A BENDER' on the fence around the building site next to Napier University at Sighthill.


19 minutes ago, KnightswoodBear said:


Which one of you did it?

If there are no spelling mistakes, then it wasn't a genuine ***.

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32 minutes ago, Dudu Dahan pal said:

praying the **** make top 6 so we get another 3 threads like this. It's been thoroughly entertaining from start to finish. 

Feeling in the pit of my stomach has me predicting we will be meeting each other at hampden on league cup business sometime before our next fixture .

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5 minutes ago, Forever_blueco said:

Feeling in the pit of my stomach has me predicting we will be meeting each other at hampden on league cup business sometime before our next fixture .


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On ‎15‎/‎08‎/‎2017 at 08:38, KnightswoodBear said:

Watched the highlights on RTV and a bit of the full match replay.  To be honest 11v11 I think we beat them, but the sending off so early in the game puts us on the defensive straight away.  I've seen a few replays of the sending off and there is one that seems to show that Jack motioned towards the Hibs player with his head, so it looks like there's no arguments about his red.  Stokes and McGeough should also have seen reds during the game.

The most embarrassing thing about the whole thing is the reaction to Lennon and the statements from the mouth breathers from Club 1872.  I think we've established that we don't like Neil Lennon and he doesn't like us.  But grown men, who have no doubt been giving him all sorts of shite from the kick off, to suddenly get on their high horse because he's turned round and given it a bit of the "get it right up you" back when they've equalised is utterly cringeworthy.  If you're getting that upset about something like that, then you really have to take a long hard look at yourself.

As for the statement.  Club 1872 don't speak for me.  They don't speak for a majority of Rangers fans, but they put out these statements as if they're speaking for all of us.  f**k off.

No one likes us
We care about it very much. 


You've probably been asked this before, but why are you still a fan of that club? You seem like a genuinely decent and good guy, so it mystifies me why you'd associate with a club like Sevco. Club 1872 are shareholders are they not? They clearly speak for quite a large number of Sevco fans. The displays, the running to the police, the cringey banners, the military worship, the poppy fascism, the death threats, the secretarian singing, the crying, the propaganda, the lies, the pettiness, signing policies of the past, the conspiracy theories, voting no; like it or not, that's your club. You might say that such people have hijacked your club, but I think it's no longer your club; it's theirs and you're the outsider. You don't have the attitude of 'everyone is out to get us!' that so many Sevco fans and their pet media seem to have, and are honest about things and criticise other Sevco fans. You seem very much in a minority when it comes to Sevco fans. To me anyway it seems that your views aren't compatible with those of your club. You even have Sevco fans calling out others who don't lap up the propaganda as some sort of traitors.

Despite how the media spin it, it's not a minority who sing the songs and shout the abuse. Do you engage in it? I can't picture you doing so, so what do you think when it's going on all around you? When you see the big poppy displays do you just chuckle? When you see banners rimming the monarchy, or one saying to vote no, are you holding them up or are you thinking that it's a load of pish?

Sorry if I seem like I'm coming across as a bit of a dick or having a go at you here.

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10 minutes ago, NewHope said:

That's actually the proper spelling. 'Draft' is US English.

Not in that sense it's not. In British English it's D-R-A-F-T when you're talking about writing things down then making changes and D-R-A-U-G-H-T for the wind that blows under the door and everything else. 

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