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2 minutes ago, Zing. said:

Lenny is probably going to get fucked over by the SFA for making a "get it up ye" gesture to the **** after we equalised. It even had wee Pedro and his assistant trying to get the police to lift him :lol: 

Has he still got a suspended ban from the Morton game? He'll definitely get a long touchline ban. Worth it though 

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Guest Bob Mahelp

Just saw the goals. 

Tavernier, as ever, is an utter liability as a defender. The way Murray just strolled past him for the first was embarrassing. 

Foderingham looked pretty pish on all 3 goals as well. 

And Ryan Jack :lol:

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47 minutes ago, McQuade said:

Pedro has one of the worst % wins of any Rangers manager, yet they all believe this fraud will lead a revolution:lol:

He is Mexican, after all, aren't they always having revolutions over there?

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Watched this in the boozer with the rest of the Vancouver Hibs Supporters .
7am pints and bacon rolls...absolute scenes for the goals.
We fucking own that shower of shite, never before have i felt so confident watching Hibs....its fucking radge.
 Really wish we were playing Hearts midweek :lol:
Hope all the brave travellers through to Greyskull made it home safely.

Subway beforehand.

Walk along Paisley Road West to Cessnock after the game.

Not one word spoken.

The big 'ICF' flag they had draped over the away end at the Sandy Jardine stand as well :lol:

Fucking minter.
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