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2 minutes ago, Dindeleux said:


If you mean by going to Glasgow, smashing **** about all over the city and outside the stadium and then beating Sevco 3-2 then they have 100% Hibs'd it.

Anyone else notice, outside the pointing and laughing at Bob, that he was constantly posting whilst the game was going on until someone questioned whether he was at the game and that the mods could confirm his location and since then absolute silence?

No doubt he will be on soon with a "just home" post and some excuse about his battery dying.


He could have been using his phone credit/data at the ground?

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11 minutes ago, AMMjag said:

Off to wire myself up to rangers media.


10 minutes ago, killie_lad said:

The fact they seem to have been hard done by the ref justs makes it that much tastier

Rangers get a red card:

"this fucking country man has gone to shit."



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13 minutes ago, Lofarl said:



just the hibs goals.  That third one was the best.

I could listen to that idiot commentator all day.  He describes the equaliser as Hibs "pulling one back".

DJ is just about being gracious about the third being a good goal, before slipping in that it was down to the extra man.

Gormless, petulant cretins.

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Couple of rangers fans I know genuinely thinking they were Brazil after their mid week result.

Well in Hibs fairly fucked them in their own back garden, also fired a cheeky tenner on hibs & BTTS because of the attractive odds, having a couple of pints tonight courtesy of you c***s.

f**k the hibs next week tho.

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