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The Celtic All Seasons thread

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1 hour ago, Drew Brees said:

In any other club a CEO whose reign ended in total embarrassment on the pitch and fencing around the stadium off it would be quickly moved on from and if possible never mentioned again. That's not to mention his general relationship with the support and horrendous lack of respect for them.

Lucky for us though we needed a chairman and Pete was ready and waiting as the best candidate and able to step right in and save us any need for an irritating actual recruitment process, did he happen to be in the showers at the time we needed someone? 


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2 minutes ago, Clown Job said:

Some guy 


It's a good point. We are often lazily lumped together when there are vast differences between the two sides, particularly at the moment when one is doing well, the other, not so much.

He loses a mark for his pronunciation of "Glassgow" though.

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