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3 minutes ago, Genuine Hibs Fan said:

You're right, they did! We have however replaced Marciano by signing another player called rocky so more suggestions please! 

I never realised you sign big Macey permanently like Mitchell as well under rated and done really well in the lower leagues

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15 minutes ago, RossBFaeDundee said:

It's pretty interesting to me that mods are letting this guy spam several club forum threads.

There are no club forum threads. There are threads pertaining to individual clubs on an INCLUSIVE Scottish football forum, where we can all post. You may not be interested in some of the ABSOLUTE BARGAINS available from the Moldovan 3rd tier but don't presume to speak for those of us who know our football thank you


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4 minutes ago, Chefki Kuqi said:

Do you reckon its theoretically possible to include the youtube links and your comments within the same post?

The next Jari Litmanen/Georgi Kinkladze/Goran Pandev/Hristo Stoitchkov deserves their own post imo.

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So many new players. Looking forward to seeing what happens tonight. Most of the supports on either side have never seen any of the new guys play, yet they are getting bigged up as good signings.

Should be an entertaining game.

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