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6 minutes ago, TonyFerrino said:

Still box office, clearly, with the number of roasters coming on the main Hibs thread to pass on their best wishes.  Thanks lads, it means a lot. 

See the source image

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2 hours ago, afc_blockhead said:

Dry my eyes? Im not the one in tears over a cup final defeat.

Altogether now .. Sunshine on Leith .. you start

better than some ###s singing sectarian ####

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9 minutes ago, woolf said:



While we're vicariously celebrating rival teams getting knocked out the cup, here's a more recent picture of a guy in maroon having a goal celebration.


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3 hours ago, Dave1875 said:

Porteous either needs a boot up the arse or a boot out the door. Great defender when he wants to be, but inconsistent and error prone as hell. Not to mention he makes a meal out of it when players stand up and challenge him. Should've started McGregor over Porteous today 

I'm happy to see that you got plastered out of your head early today. 

Porteous is a fucking horse, and no amount of utter shite spouted by Hibs fans that he's worth 4 million or whatever, will ever change that. 

He's like a poor man's Souttar. 

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55 minutes ago, Afc69 said:

Hibs are overrated pish. Gambled on the post Covid meltdown and will now suffer the consequences.


What consequences m9 ? 

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1 minute ago, Baldie1980 said:

hibs are utter pish,how they made 3rd place I don't know,bloody well done st j

Because they've played some good attacking football for most of the season and deserve 3rd place.


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