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10 minutes ago, The Grass Is Greener. said:

His girlfriend stays in Edinburgh so is down this way quite often. 

Think we all know by now he's down her way quite often ;)

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1 minute ago, Dons_1988 said:


Lol aye I didn't think there was any significance to it. I just have football withdrawal symptoms and was bored.


There have been loads of rumours about him returning so maybe he's just popping in there on his way to sign the contract ;)

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Can't believe Gaz is getting a hard time for that picture. It's clearly a priceless work of art on a par with Michealangelo's David and trancends petty football rivalries.

It's also good to see that not all Falkirk fans are closet **** tbqh.

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On 22/06/2017 at 19:36, Fraser Fyvie said:

Massive amount of trollers on .net recently, I wouldn't take any notice of the Hendo rumours until it comes from a decent source.

This did surface there.





They don't even play in Leith. 



I wish they'd just call us 'scumbos' tbh. Its a bit more dignified than 'poppy thieves' for them or trying to laugh at a cash cow (isn't the whole point of living within our means raising our own cash?) like what do they suggest? Living outside our means again?


Poppy theives it is then.


I once got in a pub fight  a few Yr back, because, every time I passed this big fat Hobo mess he would say ''Poppy Thieves''  to me ...said it once to often and I reacted..never said it again


It's class in a glass.

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Offt the hatred on that Brokeback thread, and lack of creativity when it comes to insulting us as well (to be expected on there, I suppose)



It's good that Hibs fans still seethe about all things Hearts. Shows they're really over 'it'. 

He says that in a thread that is pretty much all about seething at Hibs :lol:

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