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"The ICT Thread - The Championship Years"

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I don't think Devine would be more than a back-up in the Premiership.  He's been much better than expected since returning to the club but I think the Premiership is too far for him.  If we're still in the Championship next season I'd expect the back two to be Devine and Deas though.  I'm not sure if Welsh could cut it in the Premiership anymore - put him in the maybe/back-up pile.

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Devine's not Beckenbauer but we'd be top of the league just now if he hadn't been injured for those few games: we've failed to win 5 of the 6 games he's missed this season, losing 4 of those games and conceding three to Partick in the one game we drew.

Would generally back him against Bottom Six Premiership attacks (and jobbers like Jordan White) if he had someone competent beside him

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Brora's season is finished so he's probably working as a delivery driver for money over the summer.  I doubt they'll get paid in the off-season.

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12 hours ago, SandyCromarty said:

It was a possible typo I pranked on.

You're right, a masseuse is a female.

I'm sure PB meant masseur.

Or did he?


12 hours ago, The Mantis said:

Eek, surely not! He was still a male when I saw him playing for Brora the other week 😉

Yeah, my bad 😂. Masseur is what I was going for.

Not that I would ever put a label on someone these days…

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I see the standard 'Do the season tickets cover the play off games?' question has arisen on CTO again.  Aye m8, you get free entry into those games.  Fuck me.

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Tuesday May 3
cinch Premiership play-off quarter-final, 1st leg 
4th in Championship v 3rd in Championship
Live on BBC Scotland, kick-off 7.05pm

Friday May 6
cinch Premiership play-off quarter-final, 2nd leg
3rd in Championship v 4th in Championship
Live on BBC Scotland, kick-off 7.45pm

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38 minutes ago, bdu98196 said:

Don't worry, once they realise the games are on poverty tele most wont be bothering to go anyways but before that there will be the standard pricing and KO times complaints


Tbf, not one of the games is on a Saturday or Sunday which is shite. I don’t mind Friday night games but we could end up with 4 in 5 weeks.

Plus the final second leg should be on the  Sunday instead of the Monday.

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