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Linlithgow Rose 2017-18

Auld Heid

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I'm just wondering how many people with the poor opinions on the 3/4G have actually played on them.

If you look it up, there are quite a few of the top teams who are playing on what are now becoming close to hybrid pitches with artificial fibres being injected into the ground.

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Very good performance today I thought with the conditions. I thought we moved the ball around excellently and controlled the tempo and possession very effectively.

Some really good goals in there too and special mention to Darren for a fantastic save early in second half which should banish the demons of the previous game and remind people how good he is.

Well done boys on to the next round and hopefully a home draw.


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Hope everyone enjoyed there day yesterday, we were nowhere near our best although I thought we competed well first half and passed up a couple of chances.  If Kyle Marley doesn’t let the ball slip through his hands, or your keeper doesn’t pull off a fantastic save early second half there was a wee chance, but ultimately the deflected free kick killed us off, heads dropped and there was only ever one winner. Didn’t even get any luck at the death with the free kick off the underside of the bar.   Linlithgow looked impressive and moved the ball about well, and the wind didn’t spoil the game too much.  Official attendance was 345.

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On 23/01/2018 at 17:44, Auld Heid said:


A "healthy debate"  is highly commendable, but will the club committee take any notice of fans views ?  Why not hold a pyramid vote like Clydebank ?

Further updates would be appreciated.


That's correct.

Our own forum is currently having a healthy debate on the subject. Where the general consensus would be in favour of a move - albeit still question marks for some



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