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Linlithgow Rose 2017-18

Auld Heid

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Leiper signing for East Stirling according to that teams thread on Lowland league subforum.

Lumsden only offered Leiper a years contract - he wanted a 2 year deal.

He has done exceptionally well and probably deserves the offer of a 2 year deal.
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3 hours ago, Black Dug said:

Great to see big Leiper signing up for another 2 years. He's been a stand out this season.

Rose have had the 4th best defence in the league this season. Without the big man at the back we could well have been going down.

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1 hour ago, Auld Heid said:

The club are delighted to announce the signing of local lad Kyle Turnbull on a free transfer from Albion Rovers

Welcome to the club Kyle.

From club Facebook

A young left back with a fair amount of League One experience. That's pretty promising.

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5 minutes ago, fan of the juniors said:

Iain Gray joining you from us I believe . Informed that you thought 1 or 2 more would be coming but as far as I'm led to believe that's it just now. Iain is a steady centre half/right back with no frills . Always thought he was a tad on the light side though

Good news if true. That's both full back positions filled. Can't believe we have a manager addressing our weaknesses!!

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2 hours ago, lithgierose said:

Bo’ness United boss Allan McGonigal has hit out at brothers Ruari and Roddy MacLennan, claiming they have agreed a switch back to Rose after moving to Bo’ness last summer


RAGING :lol:

Says a lot about them 

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