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The St. Mirren FC 2022/23 thread

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We simply cannot afford to hear about any of our players being potentially out for eight weeks, no matter who they are, if you rate them or not, or if they’re your favourite or not. Unless Tony Fitz is about to reveal many bunny rabbits from his big CEO shaped magic hat, Pampers will be required by 14.59 on Saturday. Jim Goodwin still looks in good nick. Play Goodwin at left back and shove Erhahon up front. Not a cunning plan, but it’ll confuse the Hibbees for ten minutes.

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10 hours ago, Halfempty65 said:

Hopefully a relegation on the cards. Pointless club. 

Every season I resolve to root for the Scottish Clubs in Europe only to be reminded why I struggle with the two cheeks. Looking forward to you getting pumped out. Fud.

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Is it not an IG story?

Just let us get carried away, ffs 


From what I can gather he didn’t post it. Good wind up to whoever made it though, certainly got me.

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52 minutes ago, elvis said:
1 hour ago, Coventry Saint said:


Nah, I was just doing a Turkish delight 'joke'.

Edit: fuxake fell for that Isma post hook line and sinker 😂 I'm in a vulnerable state.

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Isma has an Instagram but he didn't post that story.

If he did he removed it very quickly. Who knows, I’m thinking it’s not true.
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