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The St. Mirren FC 2022/23 thread

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22 minutes ago, NathanDrake88 said:

Mental we are bringing Watt in after shipping Brophy out. Hope I’m proved wrong, just seems crazy 

It's not really mental. We pulled the trigger too quick on Brophy as we were clearly going to go with Main, Ayunga and Grieve with the two young lads as backup.

If Brophy was still here today, he wouldn't be going on loan and we wouldn't be getting Watt in. We presumably don't have the option to renege and bring Brophy back from County so not sure what else we could do apart from going for someone like Shields who is a clear downgrade.

Sheilds was clearly the backup plan if Watt fell through but probsbly didn't fancy hanging about til the last fact to see if it went through before deciding, so plumped on Queens Park.


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1 minute ago, Billy Jean King said:

That's not really the catalyst / timeline though. Hand forced by the Ayunga injury a day after we agreed to let Brophy go.

Watt scored 11 league goals last and is on 4 this term.  Brophy 7 last term and 1 this season.

Almost double, though mitigating factors of course.

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3 minutes ago, Archie McSquackle said:

I think Watt had already scored 10 for Motherwell before moving to United and then only managed one for the rest of the season. United don't seem to have got a turn from him but there's definitely a player in there.

Utd fans saying he's good when starting. 4 goals in 6 starts this season but is essentially a man down coming off the bench.

Thankfully we have someone who looks at his most dangerous at this point when coming off the bench.

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Watt does feel like he has more goals in him than any of our other strikers.

I'm not sure I like the guy so will have to readjust to that slightly. But I've seen Newcastle fans at work this week getting over their pure hatred of Anthony Gordon so I'm sure I'll manage.

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Was looking through the BBC feed,  thought I'd leave this here..


..some of the comments for the other teams is funny, like this Aberdeen fan wishing for the Moon on a stick...


So, to recap, they need two defenders, some technically gifted attacking midfielders, a "decent" striker, and all that delivered to a "worldly experienced" manager. Jinkies.

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Watt has always given me the fear when playing against us as he's a really intelligent footballer. When we conceded that very, very late goal against United last season it was because of a Watt pass that very few players would contemplate trying. Looking forward to seeing him on Saturday: could be a good partner for Main. 


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Incremental SMALL additions giving us more energy per kWATT so far... ok that's lame

Not sure if we're done or not.

Given a few of our squad are versatile, so long as injuries don't decimate us, with money in and the chance to pull away from Aberdeen tomorrow,  it could be a really good week.


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