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The St. Mirren FC 2022/23 thread

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3 hours ago, Kempes said:

Good to get a badly needed win yesterday, even if it was a dead rubber against a team from two leagues below us. Ayunga was unlucky not to get a hat-trick and he’ll surely score more than Obika did as he seems able to take chances in the six-yard box. Keanu looks a player. An impressive debut for someone who has had a hectic week. Reminded me of Tim Cahill with his enthusiasm and all-action style. He will be a big asset this season. Strain is getting better with every game, so we will have plenty of options on the right. The academy lads showed up well too. Slight concern is the tendency to lose goals to breakaways, this really needs to be addressed asap. It did look as though their goal was offside though, so maybe VAR will help. Shout out to Tait for his assist for the third goal, who needs Tanser!

Thank you for posting this!

A post about the game………….hopefully this sort of content catches on.

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1 hour ago, Buttocks Brown said:

Going back years and years, I've been under the impression that the Gilmour / Scott relationship is not particularly good. 

Remember that Scott was invited to be part of the BoD after he initially invested in the club but was then kicked to side as Gilmour and co decided they wanted to sell the club without Scott and McGeogh. 

I would imagine there is no love lost between these two after that episode.

The only way that Scott was going to get his investment back from the club was by the joint bid with SMISA.

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1 hour ago, Coventry Saint said:

Had Scott not tried to take the club over prior to the SMISA involvement? I feel like there was a story that Gilmour had resisted that. I may have made this up.

Yes. Attempted to buy out the old board on multiple occasions. Required teaming up with SMISA to finally achieve it.

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Is it just me or is anyone else experiencing a bit of déjà vu here?

Manager buys players to fit a system, system doesn't work, we'll spend months trying to get it to work, then revert to a system that will win games, only now we have a bunch of players bought to play in different positions. This, to me, feels like Goodwin's last two seasons and now it's Robinson doing it.

I'm not saying that Robinson won't get it to work, or that the players brought in are bad, they aren't and he clearly has a team on paper that can reach mid table, but it feels like we are going through the same process we have in previous seasons.

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1 minute ago, FTOF said:

He and Aberdeen's Anthony Stewart played together at Wycombe Wanderers.

Probably just catching up with his mate then.

If there's more to it then £350,000 was reported to be our pricetag for Dunne. I know Aberdeen are flush with cash but can't see them paying that. Would be an absolute result for us if they did though.

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12 hours ago, Buttocks Brown said:

Going back years and years, I've been under the impression that the Gilmour / Scott relationship is not particularly good. I assumed that was a big reason why Stewart has been taking potshots at the running of the club.

SG: saved us from Brearley, plenty of top flight football and the League Cup win but it was stale at the end: nothing was happening off the park and the appointments of Craig and Rae were significant misjudgements.

I think it would be fair to say that Gordon Scott and his board pushed the club forward significantly after they took over in 2016. That is perhaps sticking in the throat a bit. Men and their egos....

Gilmour stayed too long. I accept not easy to sell and he didn't want to sell to a fly-by-night but it was very stale and 'ticking over' in the last year or two. 

As you say Craig was a massive mistake, woefully unqualified and when Teale galvanised us, McLean being flogged last day of the window killed any hope we had which was unforgivable.

Ian Murray didn't work as the job was too big for him and Rae was a short term fix - he dragged that team up in the interim but the next season it didn't work. Scott however has Stubbs on his record so... 

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1 hour ago, glenburn bud said:

Might be nothing significant but my son just told me that Charles Dunne’s latest follower on Instagram, was Aberdeen FC.


350k Please 😀

Just checked: he follows Aberdeen (but not recently) but Aberdeen doesn't follow him.

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On attendances my recollection :unsure2: is that there's not much between us & Motherwell (Kilmarnock too) when teams like Ross Co. & the Fakes visit and the difference in averages at seasons end is when the OF attendances are factored in.

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