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The St. Mirren FC 2021/22 thread

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13 minutes ago, ali_91 said:

You don’t know my sexuality, I am straight.

You therefore used being gay as an insult. Which is about as homophobic as it gets. 

If you say so sunshine,  enjoy your holiday son. 

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12 minutes ago, RandomGuy. said:

Interested to see where the furious backtracking will take us here. £5 on gbud to try and turn it around and start calling Ali homophobic.

£5 says randomfuds full of shite again. 

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1 hour ago, ali_91 said:

What’s funny about that? Club loyalties aside, you think it’s ok to try to insult someone by calling them gay? This isn’t the 1980’s ffs. 

'I dislike your club, your stadium and most importantly, your supporters' :lol:

Is it sore? Do we keep you up at night? :lol:

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Just now, ali_91 said:

You’re better than this. 

Please. Don't come the moral high ground on me. My laughter is directed solely at your constant ire over anything and everything related to St. Mirren FC for some unknown reason. 

I really couldn't care less about who says what about whom. Right or wrong, it's not my battle to fight. 

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3 minutes ago, ali_91 said:

So homophobia is fine. Disgusting 

Yeah... That is EXACTLY what I said. :lol:

If that is what you want to take from this exchange, I can't stop you from feeling that. The faux outrage is fooling no-one though. 

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