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Film Reviews by Tony Watt

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4 hours ago, Drew Brees said:


Movies are Tony's passion, and saying 'people' quite a lot.






I couldn't make it past 38secs. Painful viewing. On the plus side, I now have an incredible six pack from cringing so hard.

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One flew over the cuckoos nest.


Some mad rocket escapes the jile and ends up in a mental instit....asayelum and gets in about all the other rockets. Gets a pure bammin' up aff the nurse, who pure reminded me of ma ex maths teacher Miss Bennett but ah left school at 11 to work at being a footballer at Celtic and i scored a pure belter against Barca and since then nae other team has been good enuff for me so ah sit in and watch films noo. So this cow acts like a basturt for the whole fillum, they call her nurse rat shit or summit, and then the rocket gets mad and strangled her. He gets marched away and that must have been some hefty gear they gave him cos he came back pure wasted man. Think he fell and hurt his heid cos he had a big scar as well, or wan o' the screws gave him a kickin. Oh and he wanted to watch Basebaw but she windae let him cos she played music and ah knew she was being sleekit cos she wanted aw the pure rockets tae vote and they couldnae talk. Edge of the seat stuff though man, and don't wanna give awa' spoilers, but the big injun can talk and hear but has been kiddin on he cannae. Turns out he's a pure murderer at the end but, cos he smothers the rocket and then goes chargin out the windae. Last time I gie anyone a spare chewing gum, ahm telling ye. 4/5 man, but would have been 5 if naw for the smotherin.





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