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Oor Nicola Sturgeon thread.


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24 minutes ago, Gordon EF said:

Well... yeah. Some people are completely partisan. If you've howled for Tories to resign for breaching ministerial code but don't think Sturgeon should resign if she'd found to have done so or you've howled for Sturgeon to resign when you haven't done the same for Tories, your opinion pretty much isn't worth listening to.

Let's not pretend there's not people like this on all sides.

Totally agree on that point, let's be honest i think all of us can be slightly hypocritical at times although some far more than others.

For the record i did not call for the resignations of Dominic Cummings or Priti Patel, however i believe both should have issued a groveling apology and acknowledged they had S%%%%s up. My anger was when the PM completely whitewashed both incidents and said they had done nothing wrong, he even over ruled his own inquiry's findings on Priti Patel.

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1 minute ago, yoda said:

Fair play to the Rangers fans for not letting their choice of football team colour their political leanings.

Every diddie supports the SNP and every Rangers fan is a Unionist. 

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2 minutes ago, Stormzy said:

Imagine letting your dislike of Rangers lead to you being a supporter of Independence. 

Is that ironic because i know quite a few staunch Rangers voters who seem to be Unionists because they hate Celtic & religion of their fans.

However the reality is it is not to do with supporting Celtic/Rangers that makes you a  Indy lover/Unionist but rather the politics and religious issues of N Ireland framing the  background

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