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You're The Ref

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13 minutes ago, Drew Brees said:

You were giving clear instructions in the op, play the fuckin game.

The only ones I can comment on are the ones I saw "live" which were A) and D) and both are red cards for me.

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Just now, RandomGuy. said:

What was the point of it?


To confer his belief that Celtic are harshly treated by the SFA, SFPL and, well, everyone basically because there is some kind of anti Celtic conspiracy to stop them winning trophies.

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Clearly the first three are good tackles, ball won on every occasion. Any punishment for them is obviously the injustice. Last one was a potential career ender and should result in jail time imo. 

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15 minutes ago, Drew Brees said:

One of these was a red card, one was a yellow, one was a free kick and one was judged a good tackle. You decide.




Player in green has just kicked player in blue in the knackers and knocked him flying. Clear sending off.

B )


Player in amber defending himself from right jab. Player in green sending off player in amber no action self defence.



Player in green trying to do number on prone players knee. sending off.



It's a text book red card tackle by player in green. But as it's Scott Brown I assume he got away with it again.



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9 minutes ago, LordHawHaw said:

The Miller one makes you scared to see what happened next :o

In which direction was Miller's body traveling through the

air though? Has he just been brutally assaulted by the Celtic player?

But to get back to the point of the thread...aye...the referees are all out to get you. 



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